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Central Area

The Central Area stands as Singapore’s dynamic city centre – home to a global business and financial hub, and a vibrant 24/7 lifestyle destination.
Here are the Key Strategies.

Key Strategies

Create A Delightful Neighbourhood

Creating Residential Communities


More homes will be introduced in city locations such as Orchard, CBD, Pearl’s Hill, Marina Bay and Marina South, offering residents with greater variety of city living options, with easy access to transport and employment nodes, lifestyle and recreational choices.

Supporting amenities such as child care centres, affordable food, as well as people friendly streets and public spaces will create delightful mixed-use neighbourhoods that foster a strong sense of community.

Hillside Enclaves: York Hill, Pearl’s Hill

Residents at Pearl’s Hill can look forward to city living amid a lush garden setting, with the City Park transformed into a playground and social space for residents and public alike.

Waterfront Housing: Rochor Canal

New housing developments along the Rochor Canal will provide easy access to the waterfront. Residents can enjoy a stroll towards Kallang Basin and Marina Bay, where you will find diverse recreational and entertainment opportunities.

Urban Neighbourhood at Marina South


Over 9,000 new homes will be built next to Gardens by the Bay. This will be a car-lite, pedestrian-friendly urban neighbourhood. Shops and community uses will be located at the street level, with residences above, to offer increased conveniences to residents. Such active uses will enliven streets within the precinct, and serve as lively, outdoor living rooms for the community.

Connecting our Parks and Open Spaces

Major green and open spaces, such as Fort Canning Park, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore River, and Marina Bay provide ample greenery and recreational space, reinforcing Singapore’s image as a waterfront City in a Garden. There are opportunities to enhance and connect our green and blue assets, so that more people can readily access and enjoy our parks, open spaces and waterfront promenades.

From Orchard to Singapore River

Look forward to a seamless and pleasant walk through historic green and blue spaces in our city centre, from the Singapore Botanic Gardens, to Orchard Road, Istana Park, Fort Canning Park, Singapore River, and Pearl’s Hill City Park.

New Waterfront Public Spaces

With future plans for attractive waterfront public spaces at Singapore River, one can look forward to a vibrant pedestrian promenade.

Possible Green Link at Merchant Road

Potential future links and public spaces at Clarke Quay and Merchant Road could make it a breeze to walk from Singapore River to Riverside Village and beyond.

Walk from Hill to Hill

One can take a pleasant stroll from the lush greenery of Fort Canning Park, through our historic waterway of Singapore River, and onward to Pearl’s Hill City Park.

Transit Priority Corridor

Robinson Road can potentially be transformed into a transit priority corridor, strengthening it as the key car-lite spine between Raffles Place and Tanjong Pagar.

Rail Corridor to Marina Bay

New cycling paths through Anson will connect the Rail Corridor to Marina Bay.

Connecting Green and Blue

Street improvements at Canning Rise and Waterloo Street improve connectivity from Fort Canning to Rochor Canal.

Stitching our Green Heritage

A new park at Armenian Street and greenery enhancements along Coleman Street invite an easy stroll between Civic District and Fort Canning Park.

Bringing Back the Orchard

Orchard Road will be enhanced as a lush green corridor with colourful plants, connecting the Singapore Botanic Gardens and Fort Canning Park.

Encouraging Active Mobility

There are currently about 22 km of cycling paths in the city centre, mainly within the Marina Bay area. By 2021, the city centre cycling path network will be further expanded by more than 5km.

There are also plans to provide cycling paths that link up MRT stations in the city centre . With cycling routes leading into the city via East Coast Park, Geylang-City, Bishan-City, North-South Corridor, Queenstown-City links and Rail Corridor, active and convenient commuting to and within the city will become a reality. This will complement the upcoming Thomson-East Coast and Circle MRT lines to offer a wider variety of commuting options and experiences.

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