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Central Area

The Central Area stands as Singapore’s dynamic city centre – home to a global business and financial hub, and a vibrant 24/7 lifestyle destination.

Our Downtown

A Place for All

Our Downtown will continue to evolve, and will accommodate a wider diversity of uses and creative lifestyle possibilities, so that it will not only be an attractive place for work, but also a vibrant place to live and play in. Better connectivity and an enhanced public realm will also help to anchor its position as a dynamic 24/7 downtown and global financial hub.

Dynamic Urban Neighbourhoods


Cecil: City Arcades

Tapping on the draw of Downtown living with its connectedness and convenience, more residences, hotels and other uses will be introduced in Downtown. Anson and Cecil precincts being close to existing residential areas, already enjoy proximity to a good number of amenities such as hawker centres, markets, community and social facilities. These areas can transform into lively urban neighbourhoods that support the best of city living.

Wander from the main streets into intimate side streets and City Arcades — ‘shortcuts’ through buildings, abuzz with convenient amenities, adding an element of surprise and delight.

Anson: Streets & Squares

Located adjacent to mature residential areas in Everton and Tanjong Pagar, Anson is set to become a new urban neighbourhood with a series of attractive streets and cosy squares.

Streetscape improvements along key streets will create more inviting, mobility-friendly, and greener streets, linking Rail Corridor to the CBD. Shops, eateries and amenities will front these key streets. Perfect for those coffee runs or quick errands on the way home from work.

Courtyards and pockets of open space will serve as outdoor ‘living rooms’ for communities to gather. Some offer spaces for events, while others are a relaxing respite from the hustle and bustle.

Delightful Places


Downtown isn’t all work and no play! Parks, public spaces and active streets combine to provide essential urban relief, with space for office workers and residents to relax and unwind, complete with exciting programmes to keep things fresh. Building owners and businesses are increasingly seeing the value of such spaces – they are investing not only in providing them, but also in organising activities and events to bring them to life.

Who says you can’t have fun in Downtown?

More Active Public Spaces

Places come alive when shaped by communities who use the space. Working with building owners, our Downtown will see the introduction of more public spaces with active programming by building owners and community groups.

Bring your own lunch to the tables at ‘The Cube’ at Asia Square Tower, or take a break with pop-up activities such as KamPONG – a game of street ping pong!

© GuocoLand

The city room at Tanjong Pagar Centre is a lively location for people-watching, yoga and more.

Raffles Place Park is in the heart of the CBD. With enhanced design and programming, it could be better connected to the Singapore River waterfront, and transformed into a vibrant focal point for the community.

© CapitaLand

Building owners around Raffles Place are keen to work together to transform the park into more usable event spaces, with active uses beyond typical office hours, to give it a fresh lease of life.

Raffles Place will be transformed with a new pocket park at Market Street, and more cycling paths, with the redevelopment of the former Golden Shoe car park into a 51-storey integrated development, CapitaSpring.

Diversity of Experiences


To cater to the increasingly varied needs of emerging lifestyle trends, Downtown has to expand its palette of offerings, for working, living and playing. There is scope to do more with State land and State properties that may be available in the nearer term, to fill the gaps in offerings and amenities, and to serve as a test-bed for new, innovative ideas.

Test-bed Innovative Concepts at Marina Bay

Large tracts of available land in Marina Bay provide ample opportunity to test-bed innovative ideas on shorter leases. These can offer unique lifestyle concepts and generous public spaces, while providing for flexibility and responsiveness to evolving needs.

Re-imagine Vacant Land and Buildings

Vacant State land and State properties can be repurposed with innovative uses, public spaces and plug gaps in pedestrian connectivity. These would help to make Downtown an attractive and interesting place to be.

State properties like 30 Maxwell Road can be new homes for creative uses.

The recently completed Tras Link Park can be a great spot for a nice stroll or picnic lunch.

Connected & Convenient

With more to see and do in Downtown, getting around easily is even more important. There has been an increase in active mobility options in major cities, arising from a renewed focus on sustainable transportation. As we move towards being a car-lite city, these alternative modes of transport will become increasingly important.

Public Transport & Active Mobility

The Downtown area will be even more connected than ever with upcoming Maxwell and Shenton Way stations on the Thomson-East Coast Line, and Prince Edward and Cantonment stations on Circle Line 6. With these additions, all developments in Downtown will be within a 10-minute walk of an MRT station!

Active, convenient commuting within the city will become a reality with the existing 22 km of cycling paths and another 5 km of expanded cycling path network by 2021!

Developments are also encouraged to provide end-of-trip facilities such as bicycle parking, shower rooms and lockers to make the whole commute journey a breeze.

Transit-Priority Corridor

At present, Robinson Road is a key bus corridor connecting the two Downtown hubs of Raffles Place and Tanjong Pagar. It has the potential to be transformed into a transit-priority corridor by giving more space to buses, cycling paths and pedestrian walkways. Wider sidewalks can also provide more space for greens and lend themselves to a host of appealing activities like al-fresco dining.

A Place to Call Our Own

Great cities are made up of distinctive precincts, each with their own character, charm and history. To develop precincts like these, public agencies and the private sector need to work together, with sensitivity to the aspirations and needs of the people, creating thoughtful plans and programmes. To meet these ends, we launched the pilot Business Improvement District (BID) programme in September 2017.

Forming Pilot Bids

The Downtown area has seven precincts forming pilot BIDs to date. Stakeholders have come together to start generating ideas and formulating plans for their precincts.

Some stakeholders have already begun to take the initiative, organising interesting programmes to mark festivals and engage the community.

Tanjong Pagar

Stakeholders in Tanjong Pagar have taken steps to build a stronger local community through pop-up play spaces, festive events and a Christmas CSR campaign in 2018.

© GuocoLand

© GuocoLand

Marina Centre

The Marina Centre precinct supported the Purple Parade with a coordinated building light-up as well as exclusive deals in the malls.

Singapore River

Singapore River One organises Singapore River Festival, with art installations, bazaars to showcase local crafters and vendors, family-friendly carnival games as well as street parties that attract crowds for a fun night out by the river!

© Singapore River One

© Singapore River One

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