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North Gaia EC Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Fibre OpticFibre optic ready?Yes
Letter BoxLocation?Basement 1
Water TankWhere?Basement 2 and Roof level of each residential block
Electrical sub-stationWhere?Basement 1
Refuse collectionWhere?Basement 2
Common refuse chuteWhere?In all the common tower lift lobbies
Boundary Fence / SecurityWhat is the height? 1800mm
What are the setback distances7.5M at Yishun Avenue 9
15M at Yishun Avenue 8
9.8M at Canal
9.8M at Symphony Suites
BalconyAre all balconies equipped with sliding doors?Yes
Any water point provided at Balcony?Yes
Floor trap provided at Balcony?Yes
Acoustic Ceiling included?Yes, only for unit types listed below
Block 33 : CY3-P, CY3, CY3-H
#01-17 to #14-17

Block 35 : CY6-P, CY6, CY6-H
#01-21 to #14-21

Block 35 : CS3-P, CS3, CS3-H
#01-22 to #14-22

Block 35 : CS4-P, CS4, CS4-H
#01-23 to #14-23

Block 41 : D1-P, D1, D-H
#01-35 to #14-35
Balcony Railing Height1050mm from top of kerb
Balcony ScreeningYes, with URA approved balcony screen.
Water HeaterGas or Electric?Gas Water Heater
Smoke DetectorProvided?Home Fire Alarm Detector provided.
BBQ PitsHow many and where?4nos. of BBQ Pits
Sink and tap point provided?Yes
Side entranceAny?Yes
Lap Pool & Leisure PoolSize and Depth10x50m and 8x50m
Depth: 1.2m
Aqua GymSize and Depth44sqm
Depth 1.2m
Heron water play & SplashSize and Depth104sqm
Depth: 0.45m
Kids Adventure PlaygroundEstimated size130sqm
LandscapingWhat are some special features?Water atrium, Water Arrival Court, Water Courtyard, Aqua Walk, Cabana, Maze Garden, Tennis Court, Putting Green
Modification / combined unitsIs modification allowed?No
Common Area AccessHow does the residents access the facilities from the different levels? E.g basement to 1st storey etcRamp and Lift
Access to Common FacilitiesCan residents have direct access to poolside from 1st storey lift lobbies?Yes
Distance between blocksWhat is the block- to-block distance?Block 31 to Block 33 Approx ± 18.7m
Block 29 to Block 37 Approx ± 22m
Block 27 to Block 39 Approx ± 33.5m
Block 45 to Block 41 Approx ± 28m
Block 25 to Block 45 Approx ± 10m
Block 35 to Block 37 Approx ± 21.4m
Block 35 to Block 39 Approx ± 18.4m
Distance between neighbouring developments?What is the distance to neighbouring developments?Approx ± 50m to Northview Bizhub
Approx ± 50m to Industrial Building
Approx ± 25m to Symphony Suites
LiftsHow many lifts per lobby in tower blocks?Each block will have 1 no. Fireman lift and 1 no. Passenger lift.
Are the lift lobbies air-conditioned? All lift lobbies on 2nd floor and upwards are naturally ventilated.
Height of 1st storey lift lobby?Approx ± 2.6m
Lift Capacity15 Pax / 1,125kg for both passenger & fire lift
Handicapped friendly featuresIs the development handicapped friendly?Yes
Household shelterLocation?All units will have household shelter except C1-P, CS3-P, CS4-P, C1, C2, CS3, CS4, C1-H, C2-H, CS3-H, CS4-H will have storey shelter.
Bicycle BayHow many lots are provided?103
OthersElectrical Car Charging?7 nos.
North Gaia EC