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EC CPF Housing Grants

Launching April 2022
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CPF Housing Grants for North Gaia EC

If you are looking to purchase a unit at North Gaia EC, your family unit may be eligible for a CPF Housing Grant.The CPF Housing Grants for Executive Condominiums (EC) is a subsidy by the government for first-timer applicants to buy an EC .Two types of CPF Housing Grants are available for Executive Condominium (EC) purchases from developers – Family Grant and Half-Housing Grant. You and any co-applicants must be eligible for the grant at the point of booking the EC.

CPF Housing Grants Amount

Average Gross Monthly Household Income*Family GrantHalf-Housing Grant#
SC/SC HouseholdSC/SPR Household
$10,000 or lower$30,000$20,000$15,000
$10,001 to $11,000$20,000$10,000$10,000
$11,001 to $12,000$10,000Nil$5,000
$12,001 to $16,000NilNilNil

* Average gross monthly household income of all persons in application, i.e. applicants and occupiers

# Half Housing Grant: If you are a first-timer citizen and your co-applicant has previously taken 1 housing subsidy

North Gaia EC Eligibility Conditions

CitizenshipYou are a Singapore Citizen. Your family nucleus must comprise at least another Singapore Permanent Resident or Singapore Citizen.
Age21 years old and above
Family NucleusYou are applying with your:

• Spouse and children (if any), or

• Fiancé/fiancée (must be able to produce your marriage certificate, latest by the date of keys collection), or

• Children under your legal custody, care and control (if widowed or divorced)
Household StatusYou and the essential family members listed in the application for purchase of the flat must not:

• Be the owners of a flat bought direct from HDB, a DBSS flat or an Executive Condominium bought with CPF Housing Grant from the developer

• Have sold a flat bought direct from HDB, a DBSS flat or an Executive Condominium bought with CPF Housing Grant from the developer

• Have received the CPF Housing Grant for the purchase of an HDB resale flat

• Have taken other forms of housing subsidy (for example, benefitted under the Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme, privatisation of HUDC estate etc)

Citizen Top-Up (for SC/SPR households)

You can apply for the Citizen Top-Up of $10,000 when a qualifying member of your SC/ SPR household obtains Singapore citizenship. You need to submit your application to HDB within 6 months of being eligible for it.


How to Apply for Grant for EC Site

You can apply for the CPF Housing Grant at the point of booking a unit at EC Site.

Our sales representatives will be on hand to advise on how to apply for the Grant.

Disbursement and Usage

CPF Housing Grants are fully credited into the CPF Ordinary Accounts of eligible Singapore Citizen (SC) applicants. No cash is disbursed.

Type of ApplicantsDistribution of Grant
Sole SC applicantFull Grant
Joint SC applicants (husband and wife)Half of the full grant each
FT/ST couple
(First-Timer / Second-Timer)
Full grant given to the Singapore Citizen First-Timer, who must be a co-applicant.
Multi-nuclei SC applicants, such as:
– Married siblings with their respective spouses;
– Parents and married child
Grant given only to a maximum of 2 applicants who are husband and wife

The CPF Housing Grants can be used to:

  • Offset the balance downpayment for the EC and subsequent payments towards the purchase price
  • Reduce the mortgage loan for the EC

The grant cannot be used for the minimum cash downpayment (if any) and monthly mortgage instalment payments.

The grant will also be included in the computation of the CPF withdrawal limit.

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